“Religious brotherhood” used as shields by criminals! Kathua, Unnao, iran, pakistan.. the list is long.

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News of what happened in Kathua and Unnao made the entire country sick to the core. What is probably more brutal than the inhuman tortures these minor girls had to go through, is the fact that we see supporters of the perpetuators of these heinous crimes, simply because these accused support a particular ideology.


This lawlessness in our country is a chilling reminder of how our neighbours Pakistan followed the same path of keeping religion above common sense and sensibility, leading to them being turned into a failed state, at the mercy of the west for alms. Now their own are being targeted by these criminals who they once thought were the guardians of islam.

A society that lets such crimes breed in their own neighbourhood, turn a blind eye, and even goes a step further to support these criminals simply blinded by religion is destined to be doomed. a society that doesn’t see it’s women as Lakshmi, as the source of all prosperity, fails to protect them, will see unescapable poverty and oppression eventually.

There is some solace and hope for India, in the fact that the country didn’t let the criminals get away. It was because of the sheer continuing organic voice of protest both on streets and in social media that action has been taken and the guilty are being tried. It is the responsibility of every sensible Indian to raise our voice together against these atrocities, no matter how in significant our voices may seem. Sometimes that is all we need to tilt the balance.

Some agenda driven opportunists are trying to take this opportunity to defame Hindu religion. Their overt agendas only distract people from the real issue.

While BJP, although tried playing the blame game initially, but eventually did the right thing by ordering CBI probe in the Unnao case, making BJP who members who supported the Hindu Ekta Manch rally is support of accused in Kathua crime, resign. Also our PM giving a strong speech promising to the country that the accused will be punished. Having said that, BJP needs to introspect why is the atmosphere in the country today so filled with blind hatred where people come in support of inhuman criminals who commit the most heinous crimes. And all this, in the name of religion. Why are we allowing our religions to be used as a weapon by criminals?

Did we not learn anything from our neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh. These two countries are among the worst that humanity has to offer in terms of human rights. It is because of religious bigots in the societies of Pakistan and Bangladesh and other parts of the world who bring a shame to humanity and to God. These  criminals resort to the most devilish acts, and common Pakistani citizen won’t bat an eye lid if their own friends and neighbours get brutalised, their minor daughters getting kidnapped, as long as the victims are the non- muslim kafirs. What’s more they will participate in the inhumanity.

we don’t want to turn up like them as a society do we? So. let’s not make them our yardstick to decide what is the right path.



We know what happened with Yazidis in Iraq. The biggest hurt that the Yazidis feel is that of betrayal, by their Arab neighbours, who for decades they had considered to be their friends. These Arabs were the first to turn the Yazidi men, women and children to the ISIS. All in the name of religion and brotherhood.

What one fails to understand is how can religion be above humanity? If there is no humans, who would follow religion?

These are the kind of barbaric acts a sane man, a truly religious man won’t be able to sleep doing something such as that to a fellow human. His conscience would bite him every time.

This is why people take the help of religion and scriptures to justify their evil acts. Now they have scriptures to use as a garb, to hide their devilish lust and greed. And this is the biggest danger of religion being used by evil people.

In Bhagawad Gita; Sri Krishna asks to fight for right and fair, even when one has to fight against one’s own brothers.

This is the path of dharma and it’s completely against the religious brotherhood, what we see happening by the Hindu groups in the case of Kathua and that we have seen in other religions. If we allows these groups like Hindu Ekta Manch to act with impunity, a common hindu would have to hang their head in shame.

We have already seen muslims going that path and today a big reason why today muslims are painted in a single brush and given bad name as a community is largely because of this idea of muslim brotherhood. Of the civilised muslim society not weeding out the criminal elements in their community, and rather standing by them in the name of brotherhood. Hence this idea of brotherhood is only good for mafias trying to gain numbers to commit acts of aggression. Religion has no place for brotherhood. Religion is a personal experience, it is not a tool to gather people to satisfy covert agendas.

The idea is to not hate. The more we hate something , the more we are tied to it. We keep thinking about it day and night. We start to become like it. This is what we see happening today. Every community must come together to weed out the criminal elements within them. This is good for the future of us all. A wise is the one learns from past mistakes, from looking at the mistakes of others. We know what is happening in Iran, Iraq, syria, in the African countries. Hate has engulfed them. While it is true that external elements are involved in the situation there, they were able to get a strong hold because of the mutual distrust and lack of respect between communities there. And religion is the one common thread that binds them all.

Ending with a beautiful note by Shakespeare, that tells us evil people using religion is not a new phenomenon:

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