Stunning facts from the Vedas that predicts the cosmos for science! 

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This is from our original post that we first published in Quora. Original question was: What are some facts from the Vedas that have been proved by science?

Sharing it again as many people are interested in the topic and seeking more information.

Below are just a few of the mindblowing facts that science and Vedas agree on:

  1. Idea of infinite universes – Both science and vedas agree on Infinite universes. Though at the fundamental level the description is different. Science too says there are infinite universes, through its string theory. Difference being that Vedas says each universe is like a silo with no communication between 2 universes. While science says every universe is just one of the infinite probabilities happening with everyone. Thus in one of the universes Gandhi would be alive and so on. Sounds like an extremely complex system and we know nature is not complex, isn’t it? Clearly science says thus because they consider everything to be a chance movement where every possibility is played out in every distinct universe and our universe is just one of the possibilities. This helps science escape their dreaded intelligent design theory which eventually proves the existence of “God” and science is not willing to accept that.
  2. The root of all creation is sound – Take the most popular string theory, or its developed version M theory, the basic building blocks of everything is simply sound vibration. Just as a string of a musical instrument vibrates with sound, the base of every particle is simply sound wave with definite crests and troughs. Vedas and hindus know this sound as Om.
  3. e= MC^2 – Both science and Vedas agree that the basic building block is energy, and as mentioned above, the base of that energy is the sound Om. Before Einstein discovered E=MC^2, swami Vivekananda and Tesla had an intense discussion on this topic, where tesla couldn’t agree that Matter and energy are in fact same. Read this story at the Tesla website Nikola Tesla and Swami Vivekananda .Vedas call this one energy as “Shakti” or force, which is a more appropriate description of energy compared to science. It is the force that is the basis of energy. And how is this force created? Through “Shabda” or sound as described above.

4. The world is round.

5. Astronomy – Colors of planets not even visible by naked eye are described in the vedas. For example Jupiter is yellow in color and that is why on thursday, the day dedicated to jupiter, we wear yellow clothes, for mars the colors is red and so on.

The list will be extremely long and worthy of an book.

Now let me tell you some knowledge of Vedas that science can’t explain:

This answer is part of another Quora answer Is it practical to follow the teachings of the Vedas in modern India?

The knowledge in the vedas describes mostly cosmic phenomenon. Puranas are vedic stories with personification of vedic deities and interestingly most puranas start with the beginning of universe. This is also why they are called “purans” the literal meaning being ancient. Thus vedas and puranas are ancient knowledge.

How ancient?

They are stories of cosmic events towards the begining of the universe. Let me share one verse from veda to explain the kind of information contained in vedas. I am writing a complete book on this, here is a glimpse:


This is first verse of Atharva veda. The deity of this verse is vachaspati – the lord of sound. The verse says “ The lord of sound has taken the form of this universe as “Trisapta” as combination of 3 and 7. “ Thus the verse says the universe is made in the combination of 3 and 7.

Thus it is aligned with the string theory which also basically states that the basic building block of entire universe is just sound frequencies. Hindus and vedas call that sound OM.

7 are the dimensions as per vedas. Science is still speculating whether there are more dimensions than than the 3 physical and one time, vedas gives them the exact number.

Vedas claim there are 3 lokas or three separate layers of existence, with each layer having 7 dimensions. Science also claims there are 3 layers – the physical world, dark matter and the thrid one which is most mysterious – the dark energy.

The basic constituents of our building blocks is always 3. At the atomic level its the proton. electron and neutron. Now with Large Hedron collider they discover many more smaller particle but surprisingly they all end up in the family of three.

This is just scratching the surface. The kind of knowledge in vedas, even science wont be able to prove or disapprove because they are already hitting the glass celing. There is limit to the size of Hedron collider that they can build and the vast cosmos they can explore.

Having yajnas and chanting vedic mantras is not lving the vedic lifestyle. These are simply hollow practises. The real knowledge is lost. And vedas literally mean “knowledge” and nothing else. Just knowing is practising.


 Why does communism, with such high ideals of equality and lofty promises of socialism fail every time?

There is so much appeal among intellectuals for communism. Posters of Che Guevera have captured imaginations of many. But why does it fail in bringing in equality and instead turns into an oppressive regime when it holds power? This is baffeling, considering its ideology to bring justice to poor.

Let’s look at democracy and prosperity levels in the communist ruled states in India for reference, Bengal being the prime example. This union and resistance mentality has ruined that state. No institution wants to set up business in that state. Prosperity of poor would only be possible in peace. But communist ruled regions are hardly ever peaceful.

Ironically West Bengal has traditionally been the intellectual hub of India. We see the same phenomenon when intellectuals support maoist philosophy and wonder why is that so?

Intellectuals get enamoured by the emotional drift that communist ideology proposes which seems like the most appropriate solution to all the misery in the world. Like when Kanhaiya says” when a president’s kid and a poor man’s kid will study in the same school”. Who can say no to that ideology? and that is why it is difficult to debate a communist. Because the apparent cause of their struggle seem so Humanitarian. Then why do communist ruled countries end up being the most oppressed?

Nobody really knows why it always fails. Geeta offers an explanation. We know the biggest message coming out of Geeta is the stress on karma. There is a deeper insight which is often missed. Krishna says that even more important that the act (karma), is the Bhava( inner emotion) that is the driving force for the action. Bhava is the subtle energy which when manifests into Gross, becomes physical action. Krishna says that if the Bhava is pure, even the seemingly bad actions would become good deeds and vice versa. This is a revolutionary physiological claim, just one of the pearls of wisdom of Geeta.

Please remember that bhava is not the same as intention. Intention are born out of thoughts and bhava is born out of emotions.

Now, though the intention of communism is honest, but the bhava driving it is aggression. It’s the yearning for revolution that is the motivation. This force of this emotion yields result but after the communist government is established, this same inner yearning for revolt turns into oppression of people.

Thus, we cannot expect peace even if the apparent intention seem honest.

In the first speech after jail and every times since, Kanhaiya stresses on ” Jai Bheem Laal Salaam”. Why? The same reason why we have Neem – Bheem ideology being pushed. It is strategy of muslim, “secular” and communist leaders to define the dalit block, present themselves as the saviours and get their vote share. Lalu yadav successfully used this strategy during last Bihar elections when he propagated that RSS is anti – Dalit when RSS chief made the comment that the basis of reservation system should be rethought. This is a major reason why Lalu’s party won more seats than Nitish’s party JDU. It is this divisive politics that has done the biggest damage to the nation and to Bihar in particular. This is the essence of the new communist vision.

Finally my request to my Dalit brothers. Caste system in india is dying its natural death. In 20 years from now we would have done away with a lot of it. The young mainstream India has rejected this greatest evil that has crept into Hinduism. Our job right now should be to fix the gaps where it is still present and not to sensationalise the issue as if the whole country is burning. Because it will turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. One community is being pitted against the other. Hindus against Muslims, Brahmins against dalits, hindus against Sikhs, and only some political leaders are gaining out of this. Everyone else is suffering. Worse still this leads to a deadlock and creates a perpetual mistrust between communities. If this is what Kanhaiya means by Kranti, I say ” No, thank you”.

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Who was Nicola Tesla?

Tesla was a scientific Genius of our time. His discoveries and his projects would seem to be straight out of a science fiction movie even today.

Tesla proposed “World free Energy” device. The device he was building would get free wireless electricity just the way we get mobile signals out of thin air. Imagine that kind of world. His work was so revolutionary that US government allegedly kept his work as strictly confidential for years after his death.


Tesla electrified the world. He invented A/C current that electrifies our houses today.  A large number of electric motors you read about in school were built by him. Tesla had stated that he used to get visions and the image of complete model of a device was ready in his mind even before he started building it.

Legend has it that Einstein was once asked what it felt like to be the smartest man alive. Einstein’s reply was “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

Those who watch Hollywood movies would remember his representation in the movie “Prestige” . The movie also displays his idea of “Free Energy”


So when Swami Vivekananda visited United States to deliver his famous Chicago speech, he mentioned the Vedantic philosophy that “force” and “matter” are not two separate entities but just different manifestations of a single entity called “Prana”, much the way ice and vapour are different manifestations of one entity, water.

This “prana” includes but not restricted to  “energy” in English. In fact, the power behind any movement, any action in nature is called Prana.

Nicola Tesla heard the speech and invited Swamiji for a discussion. Swamiji mentions this in a letter to an English friend “Mr. Tesla thinks he can demonstrate mathematically that force and matter are reducible to potential energy. I am to go and see him next week to get this new mathematical demonstration. In that case the Vedantic cosmology will be placed on the surest of foundations. I am working a good deal now upon the cosmology and eschatology of the Vedanta. I clearly see their perfect union with modern science, and the elucidation of the one will be followed by that of the other.” (Complete Works, Vol. V, Fifth Edition, 1347, p. 77).



Tesla failed in his effort to show the identity of mass and energy. Apparently he understood that when speed increases, mass must decrease. He seems to have thought that mass might be “converted” to energy and vice versa, rather than that they were identical in some way.

It was only 10 years later that Eisenstein proved that mass and energy are identical with his Noble winning paper on theory of Relativity, this epoch equation E= where E” mc^2 where E= energy, M = Mass, and C is a constant, which is the speed of light.


Thus, he proved that Energy and Mass are proportionally related and thus invariably identical. This equation was primarily used by Oppenhiemer in making atom bomb and holds the key to an inexhaustible supply to energy to the mankind.

Swamiji had wished that if Tesla would succeed as that would show perfect union between Modern science and Eastern Philosophy. When is was proven by Einstien, Swamiji had left the world and so his aim to connect European science with Vedantic philosophy laid incomplete.

Following video explains the incident beautifully:

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An excerpt from Nicola Tesla unpublished article Man’s Greatest Achievement:

” Long ago he(Man) recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. ”

Tesla was much impressed to hear from the Swami his explanation of the Samkhya cosmogony and the theory of cycles given by the Hindus. He was particularly struck by the resemblance between the Samkhya theory of matter and energy and that of modern physics.

12th January was the Birth Anniversary of this great saint from India. Many many salutations to this true son of soil. We miss you swamiji!

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The above Article has been largely based on the tesla society blog and some additional references and info. You can find the reference here


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