The strange love of the Nazis for the Vedas. Was Aryan Dravidian theory made up?

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Nazis had a  considered themselves pure Aryan race and what is hindu today as the mixed Aryan race, hence inferior to the Germans.

Why did they consider themselves Aryans?

Purely out of fiction. It was the time of world war, the British, the French had a long cultural history to boast of while Germany didn’t have a rich cultural heritage. The reason culture is important is because it infuses a sense of nationalism and cultural bonding. It was around this time that the westerners were discovering Indian spiritual texts such as Vedas and Upanishads etc. Some German historians popularised the idea that there was an Aryan race that was original inhabitants of Central Asia and Germany and they moved to India.

This way all the Aryan history became their history. The swastika became Hitler’s symbol and Hitler had tried many hindu scriptures centeric experiments such as building weapons , starting a pure race where only the best would mingle with their counterpart to produce super human offsprings. Basically a copy of the caste system form of marriage.

Interestingly both the spiritual wisdom and the historic sightings such as Harappa and mohenjo Daro are found within India and none of it in Asia or Germany which clearly shows it has always been indeginious to India and the German theory of migration of Aryans is made up.

Still many Germans believe of this Aryan theory and Sanskrit is among the most popular subjects in Germany.

You will see vedic effect often in Germany, for example Thier flight Lufthansa is really the sanksirt term “Lupta Hansa” which means an extinct swan.

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