This is Sankhya Yoga, the highest knowledge. Ashtavakra Gita is its highest scripture.

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Sankhya is the highest knowledge and this is why Krishna Gives it first. if you understand Sankhya you don’t need any other Yoga.

When Arjuna falls weak on his knees, Gandirv falls from his hands. The first thing Krishna tells Arjuna in Gita is that nobody really kills and nobody dies, we just change our bodies like we change clothes, in death. This is Sankhya Yoga.

you can attain Mukti this very moment is claimed in ashtavakra Geeta and this Sankhya is also the basis of all Advaita philosophy.

Ashtavakra says that it is us who are holding onto things, to our emotions, to our intellect. We are the ones who are being clingy and not the other way around. And Mukti is simply a realisation of this truth. This is how knowledge is enough to liberate. This is Sankhya.

More about Ashtavakra Gita:

There is no other book in the world that tells the truth so directly and so bluntly as the Ashtavakra Gita. It says just know the truth and be free right at this moment. This is the highest of janana/sankhya yoga.

Krishna sugar coats the truth in Bhagavada Gita, upanishads also say it in a round about manner. But Ashtavakra Gita is something else.

It says your biggest ignorance is that you think you are tied to this body, while in reality it is you who is holding tight onto the body. It says you were never bound in the first place and you are always liberated. Just realise this and be free right now.

Jnana yoga says we don’t need to do a single act to attain liberation, no yoga nothing. It is so simply because we are already free. We have somehow forgot this, all we need to do is remind ourselves.


Thus Sankhya says you don’t have to do a single karma to attain Mukti. Mukti is your nature. All you need to do is let go.

Let go how?

There are two ways to it

  1. Either you just trust this holy knowledge as the eternal truth – This is sankhya. Mukti through simply knowing.

What is to be known?

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Sankhya is mathematics. Many would know still the hindi word for numbers is sankhya. Thus sankhya very logically explains it’s philosophy. The level of logic is unmatched by any book ever trust me.

Krishnamurthy was a great proponent of this philosophy. Ashtavakra Geeta is the best book on this philosophy.

2. Or you are not the kind who would just hear and believe. You want to actually experience that there is no death for you. Then you take the long way of yoga such as Patanjali yoga and through a variety of other ways.

So, make your choice 🙂


P.S: For those wondering why the strange post pic. It depicts the very familiar example often quoted by Sankhya Philosophy. It is the rope and snake example. More on that later 🙂


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