Why does ISKCON say Lord Krishna is the supreme god when others say that Lord Shiva is supreme?

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What ISKCON is promoting is exactly opposite to the basic tenets of Sanatana Dharma. My difference with ISKCON are following:

  1. Iskcon is clearly not spreading the vedic tradition. They have decided to focus solely on bhakti, while Vedas is much much more.
  2. Iskcon has translated the entire Bhagavad Gita as bhakti yoga. While Gita is the highest knowledge of all yogas bhakti, sankhya, and karma.

Due to this now there is conflict of Interest between Iskcon and followers of other hindu gods and deities. Iskcon only preaches that Krishna is supreme and others are demigod.

This clashes with the idea of sankhya, which says everything is that Brahman, that Krishna calls as the indestructable Aatma that is never seperate from paramatma.

Hence Iskcon only preaches bhakti yoga which is wrong. A seeker’s life should be enriched by all the yogas and not just one. Due to this imbalance we see so many Iskcon devotees scoffing at other devotees and develop a sense of pride in siding with the “right God”. You see this is a lack of gyana yoga else they would have gone beyond these descriptions and see the fallacy in their argument.

They say Krishna is the only true God. Hence they have attached ego with Krishna, which is ironical as Krishna teaches ego less existence though Gita and tells to be one with Brahman, the essential pre requisite is the dropping of ego. See the fallacy here?

ISKCON is founded on the principles of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Below are some of the prayers of Shri Mahaprabhu, who is incarnation of Vishnu, if you read it, it will be clear what he himself says.


Two important ideas come out in the above poems:

1. Shiva as the lord of all demigods, and father of all beings.

2. Lord Mahaprabhu calls Shiva as same as Rama and Govinda. This is the essence of the reality; that shiva and krishna are one. Shri Krishna keeps repeating the same throughout Gita. For example when Krishna defines God he says that among Demi gods I am Indra! Can any of Iskcon scholars explain how can Indra be Krishna? I will be waiting for an answer.

Another problem with saying Vishnu as supreme God and not a Demi God is that Vishnu takes care of 1/3 the responsibility of the world. Hence he is not omnipotent, as lord Shiva is the God of destruction. So, how can the supreme lord be not omnipotent?

It is disappointing to see vaishnavas and shaivas have been fighting with each other since centuries based on puranic stories. Don’t they know upanishads are higher than puranas, and that the Vedas are highest? Then why don’t they take the underlying idea of these higher authority that all manifestations belong to that one that is beyond name and forms. That is beyond shiva and vishnu.

Hence this idea is only creating strife in the name of bhakti. Don’t we know supreme divinity is not bound by ego and individuality? Why is ISKCON binding Krishna with it then?


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